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The 2008 European School of High-Energy Physics, DL - 9 March, 2008...

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The 2008 European School of High-Energy Physics, DL - 9 March, 2008

The European School of High-Energy Physics is targetted particularly at students in experimental HEP who are in the final years of work towards their PhDs. Other schools, such as the CERN-FNAL Hadron Collider School may provide more appropriate training for young postdocs in experimental HEP, PhD students who have already attended the European school, and senior PhD students in HEP phenomenology.

The Schools of Physics are designed to give a survey of up-to-date information, rather than to be a training course. An outline of each of the lecture courses and reading lists will be published on the web. It should be noticed that some pre-knowledge of the subjects is necessary in order to be able to profit fully from the lecture courses. Preference will be given to students who have connections with CERN and JINR member states either because of their nationality, or because of their institutional affiliation, or because they are involved in an experimental programme at a laboratory located in one of the member states.
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