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International Conference of Young Researchers, IX-th edition

November 11, 2011, Chisinau, Moldova


The thesis can be written in Romanian, Russian, French and English languages and should be typed in the MS Word format. The volume - 4000 characters, 10 Times New Roman (TNR), single interval (see example in the right image).
TITLE with majuscule, bold and page centered.
After one line spacing the thesis authors, SURNAME (family name) with majuscule. Rapporteur(s) name(s) sould be underlined. Affiliated institution should be writen (with Italic) in a new line.
After one line spacing - the reviewer (SURNAME with majuscule) and scientific degree.
After one line spacing - keywords (with Italic), maximum 5 keywords.
Thesis must be reviewed.

Will be accepted only thesis which correspond to requirements.
The author is responsible for the authenticity of presented data.

Conference registration:

The conference registration can be done on-line till September 30, 2011.

Conference fees:

Participation fee is 40 EURO and includes conference participation, conference materials, coffee breaks.
Participation fee for Moldovan participants is 150 MDL, and for participants from New Independent States - 30 euro.
The participation fee can be paid by postal transfer or by other methods.
The participation fee, also, can be paid at registration, in the first conference day.


Conference abstracts will be published within one month from the date of the conference.
Will be published only abstracts who's author(s) have participated with report/poster during the Conference..
See preview conference edition publication:
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