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Invitation to “Smithy of Ideas 2011”, Lithiania, DL - May 20, 2011...

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Invitation to “Smithy of Ideas 2011”, Lithiania, DL - May 20, 2011

We would like to invite to “Smithy of Ideas 2011”. It will be from 30th of June to 3rd of July. As you know the main purpose of this event is to promote communication and cooperation between young scientists from different scientific areas. Please may you send information forword, thank you in advance, hope to see you this year too!

We are inviting young researchers and scientists to attend this event and present their studies. It’s an excellent opportunity to share scientific experience, discuss problems of your studies, have a debate with scientists representing various fields of science, expand circle of friends. And all that in a place surrounded by awesome nature.

If you want to attend and present your scientific work, please register till <>2b0th of May 2011. Use this link for that purpose:

Requirements to presentation of studies: the aim of your research, problems, results and discussion. Structure of presentation: the aim of study, topic (issues), results and discussion, questions for debates (what young scientist expects from “Smithy of Ideas”, what problems he faces in his work and what help and collaboration he wants to achieve from colleagues).
Study is presented in English.
Presentation time: 10 minutes.

Important!!! Registered participants must send the abstract of presentation till 20th of May 2011.
Structure of abstract: title of presentation, name and surname of presenter, represented institution, contact information of presenter and short summary of presentation in English (example of summary’s structure). Send summaries by email: [email protected].

Event location: Trakai, Vilnius or Kaunas district (exact location is not chosen yet). Accommodation and food are for free.

Attention! The number of participants is limited! Your registration will be confirmed by provided email (after 20th of May).

Contacts: Reda, mob. phone: +370 681 13982, [email protected].

Official web page - “Smithy of Ideas 2011”.



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