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In the framework of network project “Integration of Georgian, Moldavian, Ukrainian universities into the Transition Studies Network” funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Development Cooperation Program, the EuroCollege, University of Tartu is offering mobility grants to the scholars from Tbilisi State University, Moldova State University, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ostroh Academy National University, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for research visits to the University of Tartu in Estonia.

The mobility grants will be allocated based upon the application corresponding to the conditions as described below:
Specific objective of the grant is to conduct research and collect materials in order to prepare a scientific article, conference presentation or to develop a new course or a course module on transition studies.
Time-frame of research visit: The mobility grant is provided for scholars’ short visits (max 5-7 days). The visit should take place within the period of August 15-31, 2010.
Eligible candidates are Ph.D. Students, members of research and teaching staff from social sciences and humanities, dealing with issues of transition societies and working or studying at the above mentioned universities.
Financial support includes covering the travel, health insurance policy for issuing the visa, accommodation and per diem costs.

Applicants are requested to submit curriculum vitae and the letter of intent, including:
1. Applicant’s contact info and a short resume
2. Grant proposal including objective and activity plan of the research visit and time schedule.

Reporting: During 1 week after the research visit the grantees are obliged to submit an activity report (report form is available from the www.ec.ut.ee/tsn) Individual reports will be put on the website as well.

The deadline for the application submission: June 21, 2010.

The applications should be submitted by email to the network coordinator Mr Heiko Pääbo ([email protected]) and Cc to Ms Varje Kuut ([email protected]).

Mr Heiko Pääbo, network coordinator, email: [email protected]
Ms Varje Kuut, administrative coordinator, email: [email protected]

The applications will be evaluated by the EuroCollege Academic Board.

The applicants will be notified latest by June 28, 2010. The list of the grantees will be also announced at the project website (http://ec.ut.ee/tsn).



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