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EURODOC workgroups need members...

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EURODOC workgroups need members

EURODOC is the European federation representing doctoral candidates and young researchers from twenty-eight European countries who are members of their national representative organisations.

EURODOC would like to invite you to join one of our workgroups (wg) and contribute actively to improving the working conditions and career prospects of doctoral candidates and young researchers in Europe.

All workgroups are international, with members from many countries, and discussions are conducted via mailing lists.

To apply/join:
- use the contact details listed below;
- give your name, the name of your university/research institution and the name of your national organisation;
- give a short description of your interests and why you would like to join a particular workgroup.

EURODOC workgroups are:

SURVEYS Contact: Max Reinhardt, Email: max.reinhardt[AT]eurodoc.net
The survey workgroup prepared a questionnaire with the research institute INCHER and will conduct a Europe-wide online survey of doctoral researchers. The questionnaire includes the following topics: qualification, career path, funding, training and supervision, conditions of work, academic work, mobility and sociodemographic indicators. The survey wg will analyse the data of the European level in order to compare the different models to do a doctorate. Every volunteer is welcome.

Contact: Snezana Krstic, Email: snezana.krstic[AT]eurodoc.net
Researchers Mobility workgroup has been active since the very beginning of Eurodoc (2002), contributing to many activities at European level. Our members have actively participated at many high-level meetings and other European or national events, contributed to organization of various events concerning researchers mobility, as well as to policy documents. Aside from our traditional activities related to geographical mobility, we have extended activities also to other sorts of mobility, such as inter-sectorial (academy-industry), trans-disciplinary, etc. Here are some of our planned activities:
- activities towards recognition of obstacles hindering mobility and ways to overcome them
- providing consultancy for policy shaping at internal and European level
- joint research degrees / co-tutelle (recognition of difficulties and promotion of good practice)
- recognition of mobility as an added value for researchers and institutions
- recognition of importance of researchers mobility for international cooperation
- fostering defining institutional frames as support to mobility
- communication of our work and policy
- it is also possible to organize an event
On the top of our short-term activities is response to the EC Green Paper on European Research Area (the interim report) in regard to mobility issues, so wide participation of younger researchers in discussions will be very welcome.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT Contact: Erich Kofmel, Email: erich.kofmel[AT]eurodoc.net
Eurodoc's "Career Development" workgroup assumes that doctoral careers in Europe become increasingly more varied. Over half of doctoral graduates are now leaving academia immediately following graduation and many more after initial postdoc positions. The doctorate is not the developmental milestone in academia that it used to be. Many countries know further qualifications (such as habilitation, junior professorship, higher doctorates, Docent) to prepare young researchers for academia, which has implications for institutions in providing access to training. The mobility of researchers between academia, private and public sectors and between European and non-European countries is of great interest to Eurodoc. The "Career Development" workgroup will therefore explore means to enable young researchers to develop their careers from place to place, sector to sector, part-time or full-time, funded or self-funding. We will for example try, possibly together with Eurodoc's "Mobility" workgroup, to develop the concept of "three dimensions of mobility" further to a concept of "cross-dimensional mobility in European doctoral careers", based on findings of a Eurodoc workshop in June and as presented at a higher education research conference of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in September. "Cross-dimensional mobility" is COMPLEX mobility ACROSS multiple dimensions: geographic, sectoral, disciplinary, social and temporal. Eurodoc's "Career Development" workgroup also critically accompanies and inputs the "DOC-CAREERS" workgroup of the European University Association (EUA).

Other workgroups you may be interested in include
Contact: Francis Vella, Email: francis.vella[AT]eurodoc.net
- and many more...

For these workgroups we need input as much as people. EURODOC will be happy to give more information. Just ask.



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