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Innovation week in Baltic region - Riga, 9 -13 september, 2007...

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Innovation week in Baltic region - Riga, 9 -13 september, 2007

Science is a process where money transforms into knowledge!

Innovation is a process where knowledge transforms into money!

The INNOVATION CIRCUS intends to share and showcase innovation activities, to a multilayered audience, unfolding the new basis for European competitiveness and societal-strength. Essentially, the intent is to compose a new visually and practically founded language, made to explore and communicate the nature and source of innovation.

The INNOVATION CIRCUS activities include a bottom-up analysis, mapping and involvement of selected creators - being innovators, business leaders, or project initiators that represent cutting edge innovations and regional characteristics. The European innovation climate and mindset shall be characterised at local and regional level. Examples of best practice shall be exposed during the four regional events in: The Oresund region (Malmö / Copenhagen), The Baltic region (Riga), Central Europe (Berlin) and Southern Europe (Milan).

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