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ATCM ''PRO-Stiinta'' a devenit reprezentanta EUROSCIENCE in Republica Moldova...

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ATCM ''PRO-Stiinta'' a devenit reprezentanta EUROSCIENCE in Republica Moldova

EUROSCIENCE The Board of EUROSCIENCE agrees to welcome the Moldavian Association of Young Researchers "PRO-Science" to become the basis of the Moldavian Section of Euroscience.

This will become effective with the signature of an agreement between you and the office of Euroscience.

Euroscience is a grass-roots organisation open to research professionals, science administrators, policy-makers, teachers, PhD students, post-docs, engineers, industrialists, and in general to any citizen interested in science and technology and its links with society. It represents European scientists of all disciplines (including social sciences and the humanities), in the public sector, universities, research institutes as well as business and industry.

   Valeriu Ciorba


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