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Moldovan Travel Fellowship Program - 2006 - Successful Projects...

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Moldovan Travel Fellowship Program - 2006 - Successful Projects

Stavila, Vitalie, State University of Moldova
"Molecular Precursors to Heterometallic Nanostructured Materials"
U.S. host: Whitmire, Kenton, Rice University

Fonoberova, Maria, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, ASM
"Minimum-cost Multicommodity Flows in Dynamic Networks and Minimum Saturated Graphs"
U.S. host: Bohman, Tom, Carnegie Mellon University

Cocu, Maria, Institute of Chemistry, ASM
"Template Synthesis and Investigation of 3-d-metal Coordination Compounds Derived from 1-hydroxy-2-naphthaldehyde S-alkylisothiosemicarbazones as Ligsons"
U.S. host: Rybak-Akimova, Elena, Tufts University

Porubin, Diana, State University of Moldova
"Utilization of Compounds Obtained from Secondary Winery Products in Inhibition of Endogenous Nitrosation"
U.S. host: Hecht, Stephen, University of Minnesota

Badicean, Dumitru, Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, ASM
"Comparative Study of Genes Expression During Drought Stree in Maize Lines with Different Stress Tolerance"
US host: Chandler, Vicki, University of Arizona

Kiseliova, Olga, Institute of Zoology, ASM
"Influence of Biotic Factors, Including and Human Activity, on the Life History Strategies in Fish"
U.S. host: Roff, Derek, University of California, Riverside

Ciobanu Doina, Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, ASM
"Mechanisms for Regulating Repair of Oxidative Damage to DNA in Human Cells"
U.S. host: Cooper, Priscilla, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Capatana Ana, State University of Moldova
"Some Molecular Aspects of Cell Genes ay Sunflower's Different Genotypes"
U.S. host: Chao-Chien, Jan, Red River Valley Research Center

Lupan, Oleg, Technical University of Moldova
"Fundamnental Investigation of ZnO and Cu2O Nanoarchitectures Properties Prepared by Raoid Photo-Thermal Processing Technology as Nanomaterials for Novel Devices"
U.S. host: Chow, Lee, University of Central Florida

Bondarenco, Ecaterina, Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, ASM
"Genome Investigations of maize Genotypes Affected by Fusarium Species and Ustilago Maydis"
U.S. host: May, Georgiana, University of Minnesota

Sirbu, Lilian, Technical University of Moldova
"Enhanced Optical Characteristics of Perforated Semiconductor Membranes Covered by Metal Dots or Thin Films."
U.S. host: Dr. Boyd, Robert, Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

Cantea, Vladislav, Institute of Ecology, ASM
"A GIS Framework for Quantitative Assessment of Non-pointSource of Pollution within Agricultural Landscapes"
U.S. host: DeGloria, Stephen, Cornwell Universisty


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