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International Conference of Young Researchers, VIII-th edition

November 11-12, 2010, Chisinau, Moldova

Travel & accommodation

The conference will take place at the "Andrei Lupan" Central Scientific Library of Academy of Science of Moldova.
Address: #5A Academiei str, Chisinau, Moldova.

See in the right image the position of Academy Campus.
In odder to see the position (address) on the map of the Academy Campus, go to INGEOCAD site or to POINT.MD

Travel and accommodation expensies are not included in the participation fee.

For information concerning the visa regulations, transportation to Moldova go to TURISM.MD site.

For the information about accommodation in Chisinau:
For the accommodation: the participants can make reservations at the hotel on their own or in case of necessity in can be done by the organizing committy.
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